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Fatherly Fitness Tips to Banish Dad Bod

A “dad bod” happens when men fall somewhere between chiseled and overweight, with a little bit of heft around the mid-section.  According to the New York Times, dads on average are 10 pounds heavier than non-dads, with “an extra two inches on their waist; and their bellies stick out an extra half-inch.”  Are you looking to un-do your dad bod?  Read on.

One way to reduce belly fat is by eliminating white foods like pasta, white rice and pizza. These foods spike blood sugar and tend to be converted quickly into stored belly fat. Eat lean protein, fiber and lots of produce instead. They help you burn fat and provide a constant source of energy, particularly pre-workout. Foods like nuts, nut butters, eggs, hummus, and lean chicken and fish are all good choices.

It’s also important to get enough sleep and keep stress in check. Lack of sleep raises carb and sugar cravings, causing you to eat more of the wrong foods and gain weight. And stress can cause a hormonal response that leads to added fat around your waist.


Exercise is a triple threat, as it can improve your sleep and stress levels while it burns fat. Many fitness experts say high intensity interval training is a good way to go.  Alternating between bursts of cardio (such as the treadmill) and rest, interval training builds muscle and helps you burn calories for hours after your workout.  A 20-minute interval routine three times a week is a good rule of thumb.

Sometimes, however, diet and exercise aren’t enough. If you’re active, eating right and still noticing stubborn fat, SculpSure may be an option for you. SculpSure, an innovative body contouring system, can help you achieve a slimmer appearance in just 25 minutes without surgery or downtime.

There is no bruising or damage to the surrounding skin with SculpSure, and multiple body areas can be treated in one session. Results are typically seen in six to 12 weeks, with up to 24 percent reduction in stubborn fat.1

Be sure to talk to your doctor if you’re thinking of starting a new diet or exercise regimen, and learn all you can about the many options available so you can make the right decision for you.

1. Average reduction in fat volume following single treatment as measured by MRI; Single treatment with an average reduction in fat volume as measured by MRI; Clinical and Histological Evaluations of a 1060nm Laser Device for Non-Invasive Fat Reduction, John W. Decorato, M.D., FACS. Rafael Sierra, Ph.D., Bo Chen, Ph.D., Westford, MA, 2014.

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