• “Whenever I looked in the mirror, I felt so much happier, I felt so much prettier and more confident in myself. I didn't have to cover up my neck anymore. And I stepped out into the world happy and confident because I’ve such a significant change in such a short time. It changed my life. I am very very happy.”


  • “My friends have noticed a change in me and I noticed I was wearing ponytails and showing off my jaw line. It's changed my confidence and my life and I'm forever grateful for it.”


  • “After my SculpSure treatments some of my friends asked if I lost some weight…its really because my face looks a lot thinner. I'm really happy.”


  • “After my second treatment. I said ‘hey, wait a minute I am seeing some really good results here.’ That I had to let it be. Then I went back into the bathroom an hour later and I was like ‘No I really do see a difference.’ “


  • “Both times I came into the office after work, had my treatments, and then went out to dinner right after. I had no swelling no redness and really the only reminder that I had of the treatment was a little bit of tenderness the very next day and that was it.”


  • “After my SculpSure treatments, I felt so good. I loved the results. I get speechless. It's changed the way I feel about my chin.”


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