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Can We Talk About Fit For a Minute?

Working in the fashion industry as a stylist and television personality, I’m lucky enough to work with amazing women of all shapes and sizes, in cities all over the world. From designers, models & publicists to moms, interns and best friends…I love being able to really connect with women about clothing and confidence. The most common questions I get surround size & fit, whether I’m on set of a photo-shoot or when out shopping with my girlfriends. “I need new jeans, my old ones are way too tight, do you like these?” “Do you think I should go one size up?” The list goes on and on. As a stylist, I believe that perfect fit is indeed the most important part of an outfit or a piece of clothing. Fit can make us love or hate something in our wardrobe, and it can make the cover of a magazine look fabulous or fabricated. Having clothes that fit your body type is the first step to having killer personal style.

We all have those days when we’re feeling a bit puffy and the pants are too tight, or when the last button on your shirt (you know, the muffin-top area button) just doesn’t want to close. Our first instinct is to run out and make a fun shopping trip out of the issue.

Trust me, I’ve been there too. And although I love an excuse to buy a new pair of jeans, I want you to stop for a minute and think about what your favorite jeans are saying back to you while you’re frantically hunting to replace them. (yeah those jeans, the ones thrown on the back of your closet door that cost a pretty penny, the ones you went on that amazing date in, the ones you used to wear before baby number 2 came along…) They’re most likely begging for a second chance, and for you to remember why you love them so much. At one point, the fit was pretty perfect, and I think it’s time you consider giving those babies a second try.  What would it take? Some Kardashian-level bootcamping? Breaking up with carbs for a while? Layering your shapewear until your thighs turn blue? Most likely the task seems way too daunting and is much easier said than done…and even then, some of those pesky problem spots just won’t go away.

Enter stage right, a secret weapon…SculpSure – the light-based body contouring system that actually eliminates the stubborn fat that is resistant to diet & exercise. This isn’t one of those treatments where lumpy spots pop back up in a few weeks…SculpSure destroys the fat cells in 25 minutes (I know, I started getting insanely excited too when I first heard about it).

Now that systems like SculpSure exist, I think it’s time we challenge ourselves to listen to what our favorite clothes are saying. They’re asking us to remember why we fell in love with them and how they fit in the first place. Why we spent all of that money, why we called the store and asked them to hold the dress for an hour, why we drove an extra 40 minutes to get the shirt and most importantly…why we felt confident as ever wearing them. Now that I’ve heard the screams from my own closet, I’m making a pact to do what it takes to get back to the fit I loved.

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