Body Contouring Without Surgery
What SculpSure patients are saying…

Female Patient,
“The little hump on my lower abdomen totally smoothed out and has flattened and I know it’s because of the treatment, as I haven’t changed my routine and have never been able to get any improvement in that area…Totally tolerable treatment, I thought it would hurt but it was actually almost painless.

Male Patient, 35 years old,
“The Sculpsure treatment was simple, totally comfortable (you feel it, but very tolerable) and while I am only about 5 weeks out I can see a difference and my wife can as well. I wanted to post this because I would NEVER do liposuction, and think there are a lot of people that would benefit from such a simple treatment.”

Female Patient,
“I’m so excited! I finally have a waistline!!! I LOST NEARLY 2 DRESS SIZES IN MY MIDDLE!!! There are finally fitted dresses in my future!!! Loved loved loved my “new figure” so much, I decided to do my sides a second time. Now 8 weeks later seeing a nice change. Definitely a more defined waistline. SculpSure changed my figure and my self-esteem!”

Male Patient,
“SculpSure made me a believer as soon as I could fit into my old pair of jeans from a few years ago.”

Male Patient, 55 years old,
“After I was up and on my way with my normal daily routine…You are supposed to see results after 6 weeks, but after 3 my wife noticed my sides were definitely smaller. I just went back last week to have sculpsure done on my stomach. I already feel like it’s working!”

Male Patient,
“Did 2 treatments about a month apart on my lower abdomen and I am EXTREMELY happy! The little hump on my lower abdomen totally smoothed out and has flattened and I know it’s because of the treatment…”

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