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Spring & Summer Foods for Healthy Weight Loss

Summer releases a bounty of delicious produce that tastes great, is light, refreshing and often requires no cooking, keeping you out of the hot kitchen.  Whether you want to lose weight, trim your waistline or maintain your figure for swimsuit season, these healthy options can help you look and feel great for the summer. Next time you’re at the farmer’s market or grocery store, take our list to stock up!


Watermelon: It’s delicious, sweet, low-cal and mostly water – the perfect snack! Stay hydrated and pep up your salads with this wonder fruit.

Grilled Vegetables: The grill isn’t just for burgers. Veggies like red peppers, zucchini, carrots, eggplant and asparagus are all plentiful in summer and taste great grilled. The possibilities are endless – use them in side dishes, sandwiches and pasta salads for filling, low-fat meals.


Chilled soups: Chilled soups like gazpacho are a great way to cool down, get your daily intake of veggies, and keep the calories in check. A light soup before your meal can also help fill you up so you eat less.

Blueberries and raspberries: Both are loaded with healthy antioxidants and are low on the glycemic index, meaning they don’t spike your blood sugar. Drop some on your oatmeal, plain yogurt, waffles and salads.

Whole grain salads: Grains like wheat berry and tabouli are easy to prepare and will fill you up without a lot of calories. Add beans, veggies, raisins, scallions and top with olive oil and lemon.

Fruit-based desserts: Sometimes the simplest deserts are the tastiest. Try grilled peaches topped with cinnamon, mix strawberries with honey and pine nuts, or simply fill a bowl with different berries and add plain Greek yogurt.

Green Beans: Also known as string beans, these are low calorie and full of fiber. Too hot to cook? Try eating them raw as a snack.

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