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One of the Senior OBGYN's in Scripps Health, Dr.EISENHAUER has great experience with perimenopausal and menopausal patients.We have MONALISA TOUCH for them, and now SCULPSURE (20 min body fat contouring) for all plus their friends and spouses. Dr. Eisenhauer's training credentials are outstanding: a B.A. from DARTMOUTH COLLEGE, an MD from CORNELL UNIVERSITY MEDICAL COLLEGE, and OBGYN from YALE UNIVERSITY MEDICAL COLLEGE. He was elected by his peers and is past Chairman of OBGYN Departments at Scripps Memorial hospitals in LaJolla and Encinitas, Ca. He is an expert in hormone disorders of the aging female. (What a wonderful new treatment is MONA LISA TOUCH!) Dr. Eisenhauer also uses natural and bioidentical hormones, including TESTOSTERONE PELLETS (to raise libido)! His newly redecorated office is well suited to being an innovative vaginal laser center, and now we have SCULPSURE to reduce the stubborn fat deposits that "won't go away!" Why be frustrated and miserable? We look forward to this exciting and innovative development in the practice, and we would love to help with your questions. Kristi W. LVN is the coordinator. We are on the campus of Scripps Hospital in Encinitas. Look up www.SanDiegoVaginal laser, or www.SculpSure, OR Patients love this contouring . It is 25 minutes, painless, with no recovery and immediate return to gym etc.

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Very experienced in all aspects of OBGYN practice, Dr. Eisenhauer loves listening to his female patients talk about the ups and downs of their lives. He is a good listener and enjoys being asked to solve problems. He cares for adult females of all ages. He is married to Irene, an OBGYN RN, has 3 kids, 5 grand-daughters, 2 step kids, and dog Smiley. He loves living at the beach in Cardiff by the Sea. MonaLisaTouch, SculpSure, and Bioidentical Testosterone Pellets for libido are exciting areas of practice. Patients come from far away for these special services, and they love the individualized attention to detail we provide. OBGYN seems often to be the best background for discussing these treatments. Our office environment is very conducive to discussing concerns, fears, and expectations. They say we know what we are doing, and are communicating well. These are personal areas that are sometimes difficult to bring out. We welcome, also, significant others. For some , Breast Cancer Survivors especially, MonaLisaTouch may be the ONLY treatment available to ease pain with intimacy. What a miraculous alternative to "suffering in silence." We appreciate our patients recommending and referring their friends for these treatments.

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SculpSure is an FDA cleared treatment that reduces the number of fat cells in specific areas. Find your provider today!