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Kay Elledge, MD, South Bay OB/GYN

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Kay Elledge, MD

Kay Elledge, M.D. has an extensive background in the medical field. Her love of medicine developed at a very early age with a strong interest in science and art. In her teen years, she expanded her informal education by volunteering at Torrance Memorial Hospital.

While earning a double major in Biochemistry and Psychology at the University of California, San Diego, she interned at the prestigious Salk Institute of Biological Studies founded by the inventor of the Polio vaccine, Jonas Salk.

Before entering medical school, Kay Elledge, M.D. worked at USC's Research Center, where she contributed to studies on Pancreatic Cancer and Cervical Cancer. She then travelled to the Medical College of Wisconsin where she completed her medical doctorate before beginning her residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology.

After several years of a thriving practice in the Milwaukee area, she decided to move back to her California roots in the South Bay where she opened her private practice in Torrance. Kay Elledge, M.D. is a board certified Obstetrics and Gynecology physician, who has practiced medicine for many years.


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