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How to Get Your Best Body Yet Through Self-Care

Some say your 40s are your new 30s, but, in many ways, the older decade is even better. You’re feeling more self-assured, and the stressful uncertainty of early adulthood has faded away. Now you know what you want out of life and you know what it takes to get there.

You’ve also realized the importance of investing in yourself and your appearance. From premium skin care to high-quality cosmetics, treating yourself to great productsonly serves to strengthen the confidence you’ve cultivated. And whether you’re a busy parent, actively climbing the career ladder, or both, you deserve to do the things that make you feel good.

To help you achieve your self-care goals, we’ve rounded up a few helpful resources:

Give Your Muffin Top the Boot.

Oh, the dreaded muffin top. As you age, you may see your middle sections expanding—sometimes even when we exercise regularly and eat right. It’s all thanks to hormonal changes. How fun! Now, jeans that used to fit like a glove cause a little “fluff” above the waistband. But this helpful blog post shares how to win the battle of the belly bulge and lose the muffin top once and for all.

Countdown to Summer

When it comes to getting in shape for swimsuit season, it’s never too late or too early. Instead of dreading putting on swimwear, follow these beach-body tips to tone up fast while focusing on you. From exercise tips to diet suggestions and more, these strategies will have you ready to toss the cover-up and have some self-care fun in the sun.

Lose Weight While You Sleep

Do you want to slim down? But do you also love to sleep? You’ll be happy to learn the two often go hand in hand. If you’ve been having trouble kicking the extra weight, it could be because you’re not catching enough zzz’s. This blog post shares the science behind sleep and weight loss, so you can achieve your goals—and have another excuse to hit snooze.

Finding the Most Flattering Swimsuit for Your Body Type

If you dread shopping for swimwear, you’re definitely not alone. There’s nothing like an ill-fitting suit and bad, fitting-room lighting to kill your confidence. Wouldn’t it be great if swimsuit shopping was actually fun? Good news! This blog post shares how to find a swimsuit that enhances your best assets.

From simple diet hacks to exercise tricks, there are lots of ways to start working toward the body you want while practicing self-care. But sometimes, even with a strict health regimen, that “little extra” won’t budge. If you’re looking to reduce fat in your trouble spots, SculpSure® treatments may be your best solution. This procedure permanently destroys fat cells in problem areas like your belly, love handles, thighs, back, or under your chin. Best of all, there’s no downtime. As soon as the procedure is over, you can get back to your daily life.

You know the importance of investing in products that help you look and feel your best. Whether you choose diet, exercise, body contouring, or all of the above, it’s time to invest in getting the body you want. You deserve it.

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