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How Brooke Shields Feels Strong, Sexy, and Confident

“Self-confidence is a journey—one a lot of us are still on. Give yourself the gift of patience every day, and never let others influence what you do to feel like the best version of you.”

—WarmSculpting Patient Brooke Shields.

Growing up, Brooke Shields struggled with confidence. As an actress and model, people constantly judge what kind of body they think you have (or don’t have). And believe it or not, celebrities share in our society’s battle with a well-known, long-standing enemy: comparison.

Brooke was not immune to these problems. She’d look to others in her industry, her friends, even her family, and think, ‘My hair isn’t as beautiful as hers. My face isn’t as pretty as hers. I’m not as skinny as her.

It was about halfway through Brooke’s career when she decided enough is enough. She was done with the self-deprecation and emotional pain. It was time to embrace a realistic view of what a woman’s body should be.

The answer? There isn’t one. We come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colors, and kinds. For Brooke, her first step to self-confidence was figuring out her strengths, embracing them, and then becoming empowered by how much she loved them.

“I love and embrace my curves. I’m content to be happy and healthy—that’s my goal, and that is where I find confidence.”

Brooke also seeks confidence in her passions. She looks to her work, her friends, and most importantly, her daughters. She wants them to find strength by accepting, appreciating, and then adoring what they were born with. And she complements all of the tough mental work she puts in with the physical work, too.

“Working out is very important to me. It helps me take care of myself as a whole, inside and out, and beat the stress of everyday life.”

However, Brooke’s biggest mantra is that the journey to self-confidence is not a one-size-fits-all deal—it’s a very personal thing. You have to find what works for you in order to reach those body confidence goals. The work has to be put in day-by-day, step-by-step.

Last Brooke pro tip: There’s no reason to apologize for seeking support in reaching your body and wellness goals. No shame in getting a little extra help. Brooke calls it “a confidence boost” to help bring out the strength and sexiness she feels on the inside. Going to the spa or getting a professional styling session are just two of the many activities she enjoys for a little boost; SculpSure body contouring is another.

SculpSure pairs well with Brooke’s healthy lifestyle to address stubborn areas that are resistant to diet and exercise. The treatments are safe, easy, and convenient. Because Brooke does love her body so much, she wanted a non-invasive procedure that would give her natural-looking results to enhance the beauty she was born with.

“I chose SculpSure treatments because I was looking for a body contouring treatment that was going to bring out the hard work I put in every day to be my best.”

Many of us are still on this journey. Our advice: Live empowered by who you are. Do whatever makes you happiest to look and feel your best. And lean on SculpSure treatments if you ever find yourself in need of a reboot on the best superpower out there—self-confidence.

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