Body Contouring Without Surgery

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SculpSure Wins #3 Beauty Game Changer in 2017 New Beauty Awards

“The ease, speed and effectiveness of the procedure all contribute to the very high patient satisfaction we’re seeing. Patients frequently comment that their clothes fit looser and many patients choose to do another treatment after six to 12 weeks to improve their results even more.” —Dr. Sean Simon, plastic surgeon
“For the body, [Dr. Dennis Gross] recommends a procedure called SculpSure, which uses a fat reduction laser to aim to break up fat deposits in a noninvasive way.”
In a segment for, Carson Kressley said, “You can diet, you can exercise but sometimes those trouble spots don’t go away… [SculpSure] targets those problem areas.”

GlamMIR Podcast
On January 13th, Carson Kressley spoke with Dr. Tabasum Mir on her Podcast GlamMIR about SculpSure. Dr. Mir said, “I think [SculpSure] can add tremendously to your confidence.”
“Of the new procedures, SculpSure has been embraced by celebrity clients as a great, scar-free way to address stubborn areas of body fat, whether it’s a pooch or the lower abdomen.”
“If you have stomach and midriff fat that refuses to budget no matter how much you workout or diet, then you might want to try a new, non-invasive procedure – SculpSure – that you can do during your lunchtime with no downtime.”

New Beauty Magazine
The Fastest Fat Zapper… [SculpSure uses] a laser to eliminate unwanted fat…and doesn’t interfere with the surrounding nerves, tissue or skin.”
“Nurse Jamie has amassed quite a celebrity following…Her latest weapon for reversing the years comes in the form of a light-based body-contouring machine…”
“…men are becoming a larger percentage of patients seeking cosmetic enhancements, especially for body contouring and fat removal. SculpSure is the latest and greatest noninvasive fat removal technology. Men that are fit, yet frustrated with their love handles find this treatment a perfect addition to their nutritional and workout efforts.”

Allure Magazine &
“If you’re still wondering how to lose body fat, cold isn’t the only game in town.”

“‘It has given my patients great results, and the new, smaller applicators that came out last year have made it possible to contour really tricky areas…’- Dr Dennis Gross”
“‘SculpSure is not the first noninvasive fat removal device to come out. But it has the best outcomes,’ Dr. [Bruce] Katz says. ‘It’s like the iPhone. The iPhone wasn’t the first mobile phone, but [Apple] got it right.'”

Good Morning America
“‘[SculpSure] is something you can do on your lunch break. Takes literally 25 minutes,’ said Dr. Hooman Khorasani. ‘It’s actually a really amazing way of removing some localized area of fat that is bothering them.'”
“Not only can this treatment spare patients the surgical risks of liposuction, but [Dr. Harry] Glassman says it comes with other advantages. ‘There’s no recovery [period],’ he says. ‘People who have SculpSure can resume their life immediately following the procedure.'”
“Small, heated pads are placed on fatty deposits and go to work heating fat cells beyond the point of repair for 25 minutes per treatment. ‘One of the reasons SculpSure is such a huge hit with [Dr. Arash Akhavan’s] patients is that there is truly no downtime following a procedure. After a treatment, most patients don’t experience any after effects, and a minority have at most minor soreness for a day or two. We don’t restrict our patients’ activities in any way. Patients can start to see a loss of fat and positive body contouring effects starting six weeks after treatment, with a completion of the process by 12 weeks post-therapy.'”
“The gold standard in body contouring: it’s SculpSure.”
“SculpSure is the real deal, and it’s here.”
“A new body contouring treatment is exciting patients and their doctors. SculpSure hit the market in 2015…’People are looking for something that’s easy and effective and it’s going to revolutionize the way we do things,’ [Dr. Dennis] Dass said.”
“I completed the second session and still have another six weeks or so to go until I’m at the 12-week mark, and already I can see even more improvement. There’s little fat on my flanks, my pants fit looser in my stomach and I see the fat starting to whittle away. I’m so excited to see the final end result, and if it’s anything like what I saw on the first go around, I know I’ll be thrilled!”
“A new non-invasive contouring treatment has proven extremely popular with Australian brides since arriving last year”
“[Patients] are asking for new, faster, less invasive procedures. Enter SculpSure, which uses laser technology to destroy fat cells in targeted areas—think belly fat or love handles…”
“SculpSure is the world’s first FDA-cleared laser treatment for non-invasive lipolysis of the flanks and abdomen. It’s a state-of-the-art, controlled light-based technology, ideal for patients looking to get rid of stubborn fat… You’ll initially feel some heat, and then a cooling, but it isn’t uncomfortable and you can even work while you’re attached to the machine.”
“There are new devices that can target small areas of tissue safely and don’t require a specific amount of fat for them to work. The newest is SculpSure… ‘SculpSure gives you a smooth and natural result, so you can’t see where work has been done,’ Dr. [Jennifer] Levine says.”

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